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Shetland Week 4-3628-2

Shetland in Midsummer, diary for week four

Shetland in Midsummer, diary for week four (part one) (I’m splitting this final diary week into two parts rather than trying to pack it all into one post!) From out of the creel Ewen pulled out a magnificent lobster, vividly blue and glistening with sea water which...

Cranberry Bannocks-3839

Cranberry Bannocks

Cranberry Bannocks The sourness of the jewel-like cranberries works so well with the buttermilk dough of traditional Scottish bannocks, I just can’t stop eating them! Bannocks are essentially girdle scones, a type of soda bread cooked on the stove top. They are most commonly served...


Cranachan, a perfect Scottish summer dessert.

Cranachan This dessert is about as Scottish you can get, it is very easy to prepare and perfect for summer. Juicy raspberries are folded into heavenly whipped cream heady with whiskey while toasted oats give the dessert texture. I wanted to make a deliciously summer...

Cheese Pan Scones-0279

Savoury Cheese Pan Scones

Savoury Cheese Pan Scones No need for an oven for these scones, they can be made in a frying pan or on a flat griddle! They are deliciously, moreishly, savoury with a hint of cayenne pepper: a cheesy snack that is perfect simply served with...

Shetland Week 1-8882

Midsummer in Shetland: diary for week one.

Midsummer in Shetland: Diary for week one. I’ve now been in Shetland for a week, and already I’ve been – as previously mentioned – chased from a field by bonxie birds, ran the gauntlet walking through the world’s third largest colony of them six days...

Banana Scotch Pancakes-9068

Banana Scotch Pancakes

Banana Scotch Pancakes. These banana scotch pancakes are fun to make and are ideal for a delicious, nourishing camping/campervanning breakfast. I make this recipe a lot, I’m rather obsessed with pancake breakfasts and I’ve gone from having them once a week to a few times...

Postcards from Southern Shetland

Postcards from Southern Shetland

Postcards from Southern Shetland, We rolled off the overnight ferry from Aberdeen to be greeted by an overcast morning in Lerwick. From the deck of the ship I’d stood for a moment, shivering, taking in the view as the ferry slowly made its way up...


Rhubarb Rock Cakes!

Rhubarb Rock Cakes These rhubarb rock cakes are super simple to make yet they are rustically pretty with peeping pink and a scatter of glitter. I raided the veg patch at our house sit and found some new pink stalks of rhubarb that had grown...


Road Trip Plans for Scotland’s North Islands!

We’re Sailing to the North Scottish Islands! Shetland’s islands are calling; I’ve yet to visit our most northerly isles, where the sun barely sets at midsummer, where winter days are but a few hours long. And it’s that midsummer sun I’m going for. I had big...

Wild Garlic Flatbreads

Wild Garlic Flaky Flatbreads

Wild Garlic Flaky Flatbreads. These delicious flatbreads will go with so many types of meals, they’re perfect with soups, broths, stews, curries, for dipping in hummus, wrapped round fillings for lunch… And they are so simple! There’s no yeast, no resting, simply make the three...

Rhubarb and Vanilla Madeleines-8278

Rhubarb and Vanilla Madeleines

Rhubarb and Vanilla Madeleines. Gosh I love rhubarb; those tart pink sticks bring me such comforting joy and it is so much fun to cook with. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll possibly be well aware of my rhubarb appreciation, there...

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