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Just look how pretty Old Porvoo is!

Day Trip to Porvoo (Borgå)

Porvoo Porvoo is only an hour away from Helsinki, yet it feels like a million miles. This pretty town is the second oldest in Finland (just a little younger than Turku) and its Old Town is gorgeously photogenic and packed with cute cafes and quirky...

Rusting gun on Kustaanmiekka

Beautiful Suomenlinna: in pictures

Suomenlinna Camera in hand, I stepped onto the ferry for a day out exploring the island fortress of Suomenlinna. I’d woken to a clear blue sky, this would be a fine day to head out of the city for some non-urban adventure! Suomenlinna is a...

Swedish Semlor

Semlor: Swedish Almond Cream Buns

  Semlor: Swedish Almond Cream Buns These fresh cream buns have a hidden filling of almond paste and are delicately flavoured with cardamom while the fresh cream topping is luscious and inviting. You have to give these Semlor buns a go! Now usually when I...

Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

  Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls It was never going to take long for me to introduce a chocolate element to my Nordic baking, and it wasn’t entirely without inspiration either. I’d eaten a divine cinnamon roll in a cafe in Copenhagen, it was a point-to-that-one selection...

Turku Castle

Turku Castle: a Turku Must Do!

Turku Castle Turku Castle (Turun Linna) has seen its fair share of battles and sieges, a sturdy fortification dating from the 14th Century at a time when Finland was part of Sweden. It has played castle, grain store and prison over the centuries, suffering from...

vegan swedish cinnamon rolls

Deliciously Vegan Swedish Cinnamon Rolls

Deliciously Vegan Swedish Cinnamon Rolls I’d had a wonderfully exhausting afternoon exploring a wintery Skansen in Stockholm, Sweden’s outdoor heritage museum, and I was in desperate need of a coffee break and somewhere warm to thaw out after my walk back to town. I found...

Turku, Finland

Turku: I Bloomin’ Well Loved It!

  Turku “Don’t speak to strangers. Ever.”  That was the top tip given to me by my Finnish friend. “They will think you are either crazy or drunk”.  Unfortunately, I found myself confronted with the need to speak to a stranger within minutes of arriving...

Kinabatangan River, Borneo

The Kinabatangan River

Kinabatangan River The Kinabatangan River is actually a forested floodplain, an area on the north-eastern coast of Malaysian Borneo that has been set aside as a wildlife sanctuary. Much of the surrounding land is endless palm plantations making this a vitally important haven for Borneo’s wildlife....


Korvapuusti (Finnish Cinnamon buns)

Korvapuusti I love finding amazing baking inspiration around the globe, sitting in a cafe and eating a local sweet treat with my coffee and working out how I could make it. These korvapuusti (kor-va-poo-sti, rolling that delicious little R) were inspired by the many I...

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