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Banana spelt blackberry pancakes

Banana and Blackberry Spelt Pancakes

Banana and Blackberry Spelt Pancakes Ever since I’ve moved into the Thundertruck I’ve found myself inadvertently working on the evolution of the banana pancake! It began with the simple banana scotch pancakes, a recipe I honed in Shetland. My greedy need for a delicious breakfast...


Seaweed and Scenery in County Sligo, Ireland

Did you ever go rockpooling as a kid? Peering into sea-filled pools in rocks near the beach, lifting stones to see the wonders hiding there: crabs, sea anemones, small fish and, if you were especially lucky, starfish? I had the absolute pleasure of doing this last...

I made a wedding cake-3

I made a wedding cake

This was my first, and probably last, foray into the world of wedding cakes. It was a sharp learning curve to say the least, it threw up a few challenges and was a lot more time-consuming and stressful than I ever imagined! I had to speed...


12 Ways Shetland Will Amaze You!

Shetland is an archipelago to the very north of Scotland, a group of islands with the Atlantic ocean to one side and the North Sea to the other, this is as north as the British Isles get. This is a fun list of the ways...

Trinity College Library

24 Hours in Dublin: history, books and booze.

24 Hours in Dublin. A full day exploring Dublin ended in a busy bar on a summer Saturday drinking yet another glass of Guinness, the final location on the thoroughly entertaining Dublin Literary Pub Crawl. It was the gloriously Art Deco, Davy Byrnes bar, a regular haunt...


Hufsie Cake, a Fruity Shetland Bake

Hufsie cake. After devouring a Hufsie cake in my first week in Shetland it immediately won my ‘this is what I’m going to bake and blog from Shetland’, especially after munching though buttered slices of it at the Sunday Teas too. Hufsie cake is a light...

Shetland Week 4-3628-2

Shetland in Midsummer, diary for week four

Shetland in Midsummer, diary for week four (part one) (I’m splitting this final diary week into two parts rather than trying to pack it all into one post!) From out of the creel Ewen pulled out a magnificent lobster, vividly blue and glistening with sea water which...

Cranberry Bannocks-3839

Cranberry Bannocks

Cranberry Bannocks The sourness of the jewel-like cranberries works so well with the buttermilk dough of traditional Scottish bannocks, I just can’t stop eating them! Bannocks are essentially girdle scones, a type of soda bread cooked on the stove top. They are most commonly served...

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