Easy Peasy Child Friendly Cupcakes, Perfect for School Fetes, Birthday Parties and all that Malarky

First off I’ll apologise for the photographs. These cakes were a bit of a rush job, in the evening. I didn’t have the time or the inclination for a creative picture, so you get them snapped on the tray they were transported to my nephew’s school in the next day. You see, my brother left it til the afternoon of the day before to mention that Oliver would be so chuffed if his Aunty Rach could bake some cakes for his school Fete the next day. Normally that would have given me loads of time, however between nipping to the supermarket for ingredients, emptying the van of all my baking gear, the twins having their nap and tea, Oliver getting home from school and having his tea, us having our tea, it was gone 7.30 before I got whipping these up.

I wanted a quick, easy bake so chose the custard sponge from this recipe, it is an all-in-one-bowl, foolproof sponge that is lovely and light as well as having a delicious vanillery, custardy flavour. It seems to go down well with younger kids, it has a familiar comforting taste, not unlike ice cream. The buttercream frosting is adapted from the Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery book, it uses less butter than standard buttercream making it a bit cheaper and less of that strong buttery flavour. I baked the sponges in the slighty smaller paper cupcake cases, as opposed to muffin cases. This meant I managed to squeeze about 16 cakes out of the recipe below.

Once the basic sponge and buttercream has been made, you can divide it and flavour a half with a tablespoon or so of sifted cocoa powder for chocolately ones. Decorate to your heart’s content, I used mini animal biscuits for some as the paper cases were animal print. For others I coloured the frosting pink and used sprinkles and fondant stars. apparently they had all sold by the time my brother got to the fete so I never got a pic of them in situ!

I’m writing this on the train from Stratford Upon Avon to London. The last couple of days have been spent staying with friends. We are off to Paris tomorrow for five days, so the next post may well be a Parisian bake!

oven 180 C / gas 4 

12 hole muffin pan lined with paper cases {smaller, cupcake cases will use less batter, so maybe 16}

•150 g golden caster sugar

•160 g soft, unsalted butter

•2 tbsp Custard Powder {Bird’s}

•150 g self raising flour

•3 free range eggs

•1/4 tsp {heaped} bicarbonate of soda

1 & 1/2 tbsp milk

Put all the ingredients into a large bowl and beat to a smooth batter with a food mixer, alternatively put all the ingredients into a food processor and blitz into a batter}. Divide the mixture between the paper cases, about 3/4 full and bake for 15-18 minutes until a cake tester or skewer comes out clean, if you are using the smaller cupcake cases check them after about 13 minutes. They should have risen with little peaks. Remove from the tin and cool on a wire rack.

for the buttercream

  • 100 g butter, softened
  • 50 ml milk, room temperature, full fat
  • 500 g icing sugar
  • 2 tbsp custard powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Place the butter and milk into a large bowl and sift over half the icing sugar. Beat with an electric mixer for a few minutes until completely well mixed and creamed. Sift over the rest of the icing sugar and the custard powder and continue to beat with the mixer until thick and buttercreamy consistency. Beat in the vanilla.

Now you can tint the frosting with food colouring, or add a tablespoon or so of sifted cocoa powder to half of it if you like.

I spread a little bit of strawberry jam on the top of each of the cakes before spreading the frosting over, giving an extra sweet, fruity something.


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  1. Dave says:

    That’s a SUPER cute photo of your nephew. I bet he was so glad to have very popular cupcakes that sold out in a flash!

  2. You’re understating the pictures. These look great!