Peanut Butter and White Chocolate Blondies

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17 Responses

  1. jacqui says:

    forgot to put these in the oven was so busy licking out the bowl !!

  2. The only batch of blondies I have ever made were a complete disaster, and i’ve been afraid to make thrm ever since.. these look so delicious though that I may just have to conquer that fear and whip up a batch! Peanut butter and white chocolate… mmmm…..

    Leah xx

  3. The GIF is so much fun – brings those blondies to life! ~ Kat

  4. jmcvl says:

    How delicious do these sound?! yum x

  5. I use almond flour all the time to bake with and just made almond flour gluten-free brownies myself…still need to post! These look so delicious!! So pretty too!

  6. marthabernie says:

    love those gluten free recipes that use almond flour as the base!

  7. I think I put on five kilos just reading this. So delicious!!!

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