Lincoln, Just Wow!

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln is an attractive Cathedral city in the eastern midlands of England. We found ourselves over there at the weekend on our drive back up north. Always wanting to visit new places, this turned out to be a perfect destination. Mr VB had been here before, spending summers here as a child but this was virgin exploration as far as I was concerned.

I walked around wide-eyed, drinking it all in._MG_1078
We centred our short stay around visiting Lincoln Cathedral, to be honest it’s hard not to! The 12th century Cathedral dominates the skyline with its glorious gothic towers and spires.

We met up with one of Chris’s childhood friends {they hadn’t seen each other in 30 years!} who is now a verger at the cathedral, just imagine having this as your office every day! Katie put us on the 2pm Roof Tour where a group of us were taken up into the rafters of this mighty church by the informative and passionate Neville.

The tour began in the vast nave, while Neville gave us a fascinating potted history of the cathedral we gazed up into the high, vaulted ceiling knowing we were going up above it…

The tour lasted about an hour and a half, we explored the roof above the main body of the cathedral while Neville explained what we were looking at {a vast amount of very old wooden beams and a lot of lime mortar}.

The smell up there was incredible, the wonderful scent of old wood. Katie told me later that it only smells in the summer, it’s the warmth that releases the wood scents.

We managed to persuade Neville {I think he loves showing it off!} to take us up above the spectacular chapter house too, this wonderful polygonal building was used as a stand-in for Westminster Abbey in the Da Vinci Code film and is rather awe-inspiring when you first enter it.

The stained glass windows around the chapter house tell the history of the cathedral in a kind of jewelled, pictorial timeline. The roof above it is just as remarkable, the rafters form a complex umbrella arrangement.

After the tour we spent the rest of the day having a good look around the Cathedral.  We sat in the sunshine having a cuppa with Katie in the peaceful cloisters while the cathedral’s peregrine falcons swooped and screeched above us.

Accompanying her back into the building, she pointed out the Lincoln Cathedral Imp for us, we had been told the story of the imp by her mum the day before. As the afternoon drew on the Cathedral filled with the majestic sound of the choir for choir practice.

Before we had gone to the cathedral, we had spent a couple of hours walking around the city. Lincoln used to be a Roman city, Lindum Colonia and there is a roman arch on Newport and signs of Roman interest dotted about.

Most of our exploration took us down and up Steep Hill, a quirky street of roman origin. The street leads down a steep hill from the cathedral and is lined with independent shops and eateries, so refreshing from the usual carbon-copy high street fare.

We had lunch at a sweet little vegetarian tea shop {delicious welsh rarebit} and treated ourselves to some artisan fudge further up the street.

The guys in Roly’s Fudge gave Chris a few tips of fudge making and it was fun to watch the fudge being made and tempered in front of us. It was hard to resist, the smell of warm fudge drifted out the door as we passed it.


We stayed one night on the Hartsholme Country Park Campsite, which was in a lovely location near to the city with good bus links.

Lincoln Cathedral

Visit Lincoln

I was inspired to bake Lincolnshire Plum Bread, and my recipe even made it onto the Visit Lincoln website!

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9 Responses

  1. margaret hodgson says:

    Gosh Rachel that brought back many happy memories as am sure it did for Chris, wonder if he remembers the little ‘stamp’ shop up steep hill, he and Dave wee allowed to go on their own! We had some wonderful times staying with Dorothy and her lovely family. x

  2. Glad to read that you enjoyed your stay in Lincoln! Did you know there used to be spires on top of the towers which made the Cathedral the tallest building in the world from 1300 to 1549?

    Next time you stop by, be sure to check out the Brayford Waterfront for waterside food and drink and a tour-boat.

    • Thank you, yes I did know- taller than the pyramids. That’s amazing! I’ll be sure to come back, such a wonderful place. Plus Katie has promised us a tour of the tower next time.

  3. kerrycooks says:

    I love Lincoln! The Christmas market they have there is awesome

  4. Dave Rowley says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous cathedral! I loved your photos as always, especially the top photo in the post – it really makes the interior look spectacular. And I loved the pic of the chapter house with the curving wall, cool!! And yes I was able to spot the imp. How did Mr VB enjoy meeting up with his friend after 30 yrs? And I’m glad your site is not called Vagabond Designing because then he would be Mr VD.

    • Haha, Mr VD, now that would be one poor fellow! The cathedral was just so amazing, it totally wow’d me! And it’s so old, almost a 1000 years since it was begun, most of it about 800 yrs old. And it still looks pretty good, but takes apparently a million pounds a year to keep it repaired etc!

  5. Carl says:

    Nice pics! I never would have realised Lincoln was such an ace little place.