Cinder Toffee Cupcakes

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  1. mmmarzipan says:

    send me some… PLEASE!!!

  2. Jan Vincent says:

    Question? You list “muscovado”sugar in your recipe for these cupcakes but as I’m from Kansas and don’t have a clue what that is please enlighten me. I thought since you said light muscovado sugar that maybe it was what we call light brown sugar but I notices in another of your recipes you call for dark brown sugar so I’m stumped (confused). Thanks, in advance, for helping me out here. Jan

    • hi Jan, yes you can use light brown sugar in place of the muscovado. Muscovado comes in light and dark too, it is an unrefined sugar compared to brown, which I believe is white sugar with molasses added after. Muscovado has a nicer flavour but is a similar moist sugar and the two can be easily swapped.
      Happy baking!

  3. they look really pretty!! Nv heard of cinder it like honeycomb?

    Oh you’ll be travelling soon! such a long trip! happy travels!!

  4. kerrycooks says:

    Lovely cupcakes Rachel! How exciting about your trip to Russia, are you going for long?

  5. Perfect timing! By the end of summer I’m usually tired of eating so lightly and healthily and am ready for some little teatime treats, usually featuring homey flavours like toffee. :)

    PS. I’m so excited for your adventures East in a few weeks (and for the many new treats you will sample…)!

  6. chef mimi says:

    how adorable are these!!!

  7. bakearama says:

    They remind me of witches hats… very topical for halloween as well :-)

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