Goodbye Mongolia, Nihao China!

4 Responses

  1. We’ve always wanted to do the Trans-Mongolian or Trans-Siberian but have been hesitant of the conditions. All that aside, reading your experiences has made us reconsider it :-)

    • Do it! It is amazing, and even if you go in the winter, it will be freezing outside but the trains are super cosy and hot. Lots of Europeans do it so you are sure to meet up with other wonderful travellers. Each journey has a unique experience that I am sure is rare to be bad. Every Russian we met on the trains were friendly.

  2. Dave Rowley says:

    I love the description of the monks chanting ancient mantras, that must have been something! Are they free to practice their religion with no problems as far as you know? And I love the photo of the pigeons, so many!

    • Yes, they are free to be Buddhist now, many thousands of monks were slaughtered in Soviet times, this monastery was preserved as a relic, a few monks were allowed to remain as a token to the past but now it has been renovated and is a fully working monastery now. I have never seen so many pigeons!

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