Beijing under clear blue skies. The Forbidden City and Hutongs.

Rachel Davis

Nomadic blogger, cake baker, house sitter, photographer, vegetarian. If I'm not in a van I'm probably on a train!

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  1. Reading this brought back so many memories of my trip to China Rachel. I hope you are enjoying it as much as we did. I loved exploring the hutongs – perfect places to people watch!

    • Aw, that is wonderful. I love reading others that revive my travel memories too, I love seeing photos where I recognise the scene immediately. The hutongs are excellent for people-watching aren’t they! We are having lots of fun, I’m enjoying China a lot more than I thought I would. Down south now, only a few weeks left til the visa runs out!

  2. Riddhi says:

    We went to China last year and spent about 3 days in Beijing.. I personally loved the hutong ride and Forbidden City was beautiful but definitely little tiring. Felt same about Tiananmen square.

    We watched a Kungfu show running in Red Theatre which was named The Legend of Kungfu. It was the highlight of our visit. Of course, great wall would top the list! Must watch if the show is still running!

    Oh, loved Ho Hai Bar street at night.
    Hope you have a great trip! Enjoy!!

  3. davegct says:

    Wow, what a great introduction to Beijing! My favorite thing in Beijing was the hutongs and sounds like it was the same for you. I loved seeing life in Beijing looking the same as it did hundreds of years ago!

  4. Suze says:

    I loved the pictures and the story :) I think those are even the best Beijing photos I’ve ever seen. I’ve been wanting to go to the forbidden city ever since I was 15 and read about it in a NG magazine! ;) Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I think the smog-free skies made wonderful Beijing photos, luck was on my side! NG magazines are so inspirational, amazing photos and fascinating stories, they would fill your life with wanderlust. :)

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