Exploring Beijing, from a palace to the streets

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  1. My girlfriend was in Beijing last year and said the food was amazing, though unlike you has no food restrictions. Were there any good food experiences you can share?

    • We found an excellent noodle bar, loved that we could choose our own ingredients from a huge range and it was so cheap! The tastiest food we found there!
      We stayed at a vegetarian hostel and the noodles we had for breakfast were excellent {I still think about them now!}. The hostel had a dumpling night once a week and they were fresh and delicious.

  2. Dave Rowley says:

    Looks like you had another blue sky day for your visit to the Summer Palace! Lucky after the days of smog!! We enjoyed the Summer Palace too, especially meeting a young Chinese girl there who was thrilled to talk with us about her love of Harry Potter. As for the snack street, yes we saw the same. We heard that the Chinese eat everything on four legs except a table, everything in the air except airplanes, and everything in water except sand!

    • Hahaha, four legs, that’s funny! My stomach churned at the thought of much of it, urgh!
      I love discussing British TV and movies here, so much love of a lot of it, from Dr Who to Downton Abbey. One guy told us he loved Sherlock because he liked the way they spoke :)

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