The Great Wall is a mighty Dragon

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  1. rickistout says:

    The hike from Jimshanling to Simatai is amazing, and ends in a zip line. However, I heard a large section of this is now closed. Was that an option?

    • Yes, I think I remember that the Simatai bit was closed off, we didn’t walk that far though. We were just told to walk to a certain point along the wall and turn back. Wow, a zip line, that is one way to get down! it certainly wasn’t an option for us.
      I was thrilled with the scenery, and so pleased we had it so quiet.

  2. Ayla says:

    Obviously I’d like to see the the Great Wall as I want to see everywhere but it’s never really been high up on my list of things to see. You make it sound amazing though and the pictures are brilliant! Hope you’re still having an incredible time! :)

  3. Dave Rowley says:

    So amazing you got the great wall to yourselves!! There were LOTS of people the day we went to Jinshanling in summer 2008. It must have been something to feel the wall the way it was hundreds of years ago with few people around – it’s really in the middle of nowhere and must have been even more remote back then! Can you imagine how hard it would be to breach that wall fighting up the hillsides into an onslaught of arrows from above?

    • wow, you went to Jinshanling too, how cool! It must of been the time of year we visited Off season, or slack season as they say in China, certainly has it’s benefits!
      The wall was certainly in some precarious landscapes, I think it would have been hell to attack. But then the Mongolians were fearsome attackers!

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