Shanghai. Gardens, art and the smog from hell.

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  1. trixpin says:

    Gosh, that smog sounds really bad. I’ve heard about it but never realised it was so dangerous and so impenetrable. Poor you to have been there for that :(
    The other things, however, look so exciting and beautiful – the old city, the lovely gardens … how spectacular!

    • By the middle of the day I could feel it on my throat, it is worrying if you had to live there, I would definitely use a mask to cover my face. It certainly makes me far more appreciative of our clean air in Scotland, that’s for sure!

  2. Gah!! In Korea, they’ve done a lot of work to clean the air (clean vehicles, solar power etc….etc…, but we still have to deal with the pollution from China and it’s getting worse. Every spring, we have something called Hwangsa or Yellow Dust, and it’s when sands from the Gobi Desert get picked up, blown through the China (picking up all the pollution in the air), and end up on top of Korea. :( We get lots of warnings to stay inside then or wear masks.

    This year though, for the first time, we’ve been getting new “super-fine” dust from China, outside of Hwangsa season. The world really needs to come together to find a solution, because even though it’s originating in China, it’s affecting all of us somehow.

    • Oh no! That is the worst news! How frustrating that you have no control over the drifting air currents from China, the thought of all that pollution drifting over where I live would break my heart.
      It is easy for us in the far west to ‘forget’ about China’s air pollution but as you rightly point out, it affects all of us in the long run. Unfortunately you bare the brunt of it in Korea. Experiencing that day in Shanghai scared me, this poisoned air is being pumped into our atmosphere every day, it is just weather conditions that make it more obvious on freakish days like this. Terrifiying.

  3. Dave Rowley says:

    M50 looks cool, nice graffiti! Sounds strange but it’s surprising to hear there is no graffiti elsewhere in Shanghai. The air pollution is really shocking to me – did you notice any health effects in your time in Shanghai? How often does it get so bad in Shanghai?

    • It was cool, great to see a contemporary art scene in China, edgy and hip. No, I don’t remember seeing any graffiti anywhere else, maybe we only really were in the ‘tourist’ areas rather than the less cleaned-up parts of Shanghai.

      That day grated my throat a little, the pollution showed more in my skin, aggravated my acne. It was only really smoggy for a couple of days the rest of the time it was pretty clear, Shanghai has better air than Beijing on the whole due to it’s location near the coast. This was particularly freakish. We were lucky in Beijing and we’re blessed with clear skies for the most part.

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