A little bit of Europe in Macau

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8 Responses

  1. We loved Macau!! Except for the casinos, it was practically deserted when we went. It was a while ago though (fall 2011), so I guess tourism has since picked up there. But oh no! It’s a tragedy that you didn’t have quality egg tarts in Macau. We had ours at Lord Stow’s and they were pretty darn tasty. :)

    • Wow, deserted! We had the opposite of that, full to the brim, even the casinos! It was an amazing place and I wish we had have stayed the night and explored a bit further from the UNESCO centre.

  2. Dave Rowley says:

    So funny to see Pasteis de Nata and Casino de Lisboa in China! It’s an interesting world. I can see why Chinese people love egg tarts though, they’re delish! The contrast between your day & night shots in Macau is very striking – reminds me of Vegas as you said. Looking forward to your next post!

    • Yes, I want to go to Vegas one day and do that. Night and day Vegas!
      Next post is coming up, already written on the train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta, I’m trying really hard to catch up with these posts. I can’t believe that it is May and I’m 5 months behind! arghhhhh! 😉

      • davegct says:

        When you’re ready to go to Vegas let us know! Only a 5-hr drive for us. It’s one of the most amazing, bizarre, wonderful places on earth! Very different night & day, and so very different when you walk just one block off the strip…

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