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Things to do in Turku in Winter

5 Things to do in Turku in Winter

5 Things to do in Turku in Winter. Turku is Finland’s oldest city and it was the capital until the 1800’s when the focus was transferred to Helsinki. Today Turku is a vibrant city beautifully situated either side of the Aura river on Finland’s south-east...

Finland Summer Santa Claus

Rovaniemi: Visiting Santa Claus in Summer!

Rovaniemi: Visiting Santa Claus in Summer! Have you ever wondered what Lapland is like in the summer? What does Santa get up to? We visited the real Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, Finland, slap-bang in the middle of summer and I can confirm that summer in Lapland is pretty...

Abisko Nov

Abisko In November: Snow and Aurora in Swedish Lapland.

  Abisko in November: Snow and Aurora in Swedish Lapland. Abisko National Park sits 200 kilometres inside the Arctic Circle in Sweden, on the edge of Lake Torneträsk, surrounded by mountains. It’s a beautiful place in a spectacular location, and I’m living here! Well, living...

Road Trip Norway

This Is Why You Need To Road Trip Norway!

Road Trip Norway? Yes, You Need To Do It! If you are looking for an epic road trip with jaw-dropping scenery, curvy roads and plenty of amazing places to stop, then you need to drive Norway. In May 2016 we spent seven weeks touring Norway...

The Magical Moment I Saw A Bear In Finland

The Magical Moment I Saw A Bear in Finland

“Bear!” Chris whispered. I couldn’t see it a first, then a snout peeked from behind a tree, followed by the furry bulk of a bear as it emerged from the forest. It took a moment to find the bear through the viewfinder on my camera: I...

Hammerfest Norway

Hammerfest, Norway: The Town On Top Of The World!

At latitude 70º, Hammerfest lays claim to being the most northerly town (of any decent size) in the world. It certainly feels like you have left civilisation behind you as you cross the open expanse of tundra from Alta on route 94. The bleakness is...

50 Finland Summer Smiles 2016

50 Ways Finland Made Me Smile This Summer

50 Ways Finland Made Me Smile This Summer. After spending eight weeks touring around Finland this summer in our truck camper I thought it only right to match my 50 Ways Finland Made Me Smile This Winter post with a summer one! On my trip...


Walking to Pulpit Rock

Walking Up To Pulpit Rock It’s around a two hour walk to the spectacular Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), a walk that is well worth the exertion when you look out from this protruding cliff over the jaw-dropping vista in front of you. Standing near the edge...

Sogndalstrand, Norway, southern Norway

Exploring Norway’s South Coast

Exploring Norway’s South Coast Route 44 on Norway’s southern coast is a spectacular tangled ribbon of road that weaves through a wild rocky landscape. The narrow road snakes up and down the steeply undulating hills with tight switchbacks, it curves around sparkling blue lakes, passes...

Silvia's Norwegian Waffles

Silvia’s Norwegian Waffles

Silvia’s Norwegian Waffles Norwegian waffles are an afternoon institution and they’re the prettiest waffles around: a fan of Scandinavian hearts topped with jam and sour cream. Oh, and brown cheese! I’d already eaten a couple of Norwegian waffles in Oslo, so when beautiful Silvia (blogger...

Viking Ship Museum

A Pilgrimage In Oslo to See A Viking Ship

The Viking Ship Museum, Oslo The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo houses three viking ships: three imposing boats returned from Valhalla; three boats that were buried for over a thousand years; three boats that were taken from the water to be used as tombs on...

Take a Gorgeous Helsinki bay walk around Eläintarhanlahti and Töölönlahti

A Gorgeous Helsinki Bay Walk

Helsinki Bay Walk Helsinki’s coastal location is glorious, yet it is also abundant in parks and green spaces: nature and peace is easy to find. Right at the heart of the city, just a short walk from the central railway station, are two beautiful bodies...

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