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Midsummer in Shetland: diary for week one.

Midsummer in Shetland: Diary for week one. I’ve now been in Shetland for a week, and already I’ve been – as previously mentioned – chased from a field by bonxie birds, ran the gauntlet walking through the world’s third largest colony of them six days...

Postcards from Southern Shetland

Postcards from Southern Shetland, We rolled off the overnight ferry from Aberdeen to be greeted by an overcast morning in Lerwick. From the deck of the ship I’d stood for a moment, shivering, taking in the view as the ferry slowly made its way up...

Road Trip Plans for Scotland’s North Islands!

We’re Sailing to the North Scottish Islands! Shetland’s islands are calling; I’ve yet to visit our most northerly isles, where the sun barely sets at midsummer, where winter days are but a few hours long. And it’s that midsummer sun I’m going for. I had big...

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