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Road Trip Norway

This Is Why You Need To Road Trip Norway!

Road Trip Norway? Yes, You Need To Do It! If you are looking for an epic road trip with jaw-dropping scenery, curvy roads and plenty of amazing places to stop, then you need to drive Norway. In May 2016 we spent seven weeks touring Norway...

Myanmar / Burma

The Golden Land, travels through Burma

The Golden Land This week I’m doing something a little bit different here on Vagabond Baker: a week of posts dedicated to our travels in Burma. Each day, beginning tomorrow, I will take you along our ten day journey through Myanmar: from Yangon to Mandalay...

Battambang | Cambodia-2311

A tuk-tuk tour around the Battambang countryside

There’s more to visiting Battambang than the Bamboo Train and the colonial architecture, hire a tuk-tuk or rent a motorbike and go exploring! We opted for a tuk-tuk and hired it out for the day, our first port of call being the aforementioned bamboo train,...

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