Category: Pastry

The Eclipse and Jam Coconut Tarts!

We had grand intentions of heading further up northern Scotland to view the eclipse: a little road trip in our new truck to witness an auspicious celestial event. In the end we drove down to the local, yet magnificent, Tentsmuir beach and sat on the...

Cheat Almond Pastries

These simple pastries are shamelessly inspired by Jésuite Amandes, a triangular puff pastry filled with frangipane, that’s shaped like a Jesuit three-cornered hat. I devoured a number of them on a recent brief trip to France for a friend’s wedding. These Cheat Almond Pastries are not Jésuite Amandes. I’ve...

Chocolate and Raspberry Petit Fours

Completely inspired by this weeks episode of  The Great British Bake Off, I just had to have a go a some Petit Fours. Petit Fours {Petit Four translates as little oven} are mouth sized cakes or pastries which are often served at the end of...

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