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Finland Summer Santa Claus

Rovaniemi: Visiting Santa Claus in Summer!

Rovaniemi: Visiting Santa Claus in Summer! Have you ever wondered what Lapland is like in the summer? What does Santa get up to? We visited the real Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, Finland, slap-bang in the middle of summer and I can confirm that summer in Lapland is pretty...

Cherry Polenta Cake

Cherry Polenta Cake

Cherry Polenta Cake This lovely cake is one hell of a moreish slice: deliciously lemony and studded with glacé cherries. Polenta makes a substantial cake, ready to absorb lots of juicy lemon syrup. When it’s baked with ground almonds it’s gluten-free too: hurrah! I’ve been...

Blackcurrant Shortbread-

Blackcurrant Shortbread

Blackcurrant Shortbread Jammy buttery shortbread with blackcurrant conserve for the win!  I had a friend coming round for coffee and the remnants of some homemade blackcurrant conserve I made in Sweden: these slices were the result.  We were house sitting and I had an Aga oven...

Blackcurrant Choc Chip Muffins

Blackcurrant Choc Chip Muffins

Blackcurrant Choc Chip Muffins   I loved picking blackcurrants when I was little, our family garden gave us a freezer full every summer. We’d pick them and mum would freeze them for endless pies over the winter. Imagine my joy when I was graced with...

Silvia's Norwegian Waffles

Silvia’s Norwegian Waffles

Silvia’s Norwegian Waffles Norwegian waffles are an afternoon institution and they’re the prettiest waffles around: a fan of Scandinavian hearts topped with jam and sour cream. Oh, and brown cheese! I’d already eaten a couple of Norwegian waffles in Oslo, so when beautiful Silvia (blogger...


Voisilmäpulla (Butter Eye Buns)

Voisilmäpulla (Butter Eye Buns) Ever on a mission to replicate my heavenly coffee shop experiences from my visits to Finland, I made voisilmäpullat this month. I’d eaten a few of these buttery buns back in January, and doodled notes in my journal: they look like little butter...

Traditional Dundee Cake

Authentic Dundee Cake

Authentic Dundee Cake Dundee Cake is instantly recognisable, it’s those concentric rings of whole almonds radiating out like ripples on a loch. You see those almonds and you know what you are going to get: a light/medium fruitcake of Scottish origin. Have you ever considered its name though? What...

Hot Cross Scones

Hot Cross Scones

These Hot Cross Scones are a speedy alternative to baking the real thing, yet they have all the familiar spice and flavours you want from a Hot Cross Bun. Heady with spices and studded with sultanas, these scones simply need a generous spread of butter....

Festive Cinnamon Rolls

Festive Cinnamon Rolls

Festive Cinnamon Rolls With a week to go my baking has definitely taken a festive turn! Ok, so these snow-flaked festive cinnamon rolls are simply cinnamon rolls with, er, snow flakes but as I’ve never posted a straight up cinnamon roll recipe I thought I’d...

Vegan Winter Spiced Rice Pudding

Lux Vegan Winter Spiced Rice Pudding

Lux Vegan Winter Spiced Rice Pudding.   When the winter nights draw in all I want is comforting delicious food: rice pudding is never far from my mind. And this recipe I have for you today is the most delicious rice pudding I’ve ever made,...

Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies, so cute and Christmassy!

Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies

Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies   Would you believe it if I said that the only reason I made reindeer gingerbread cookies was that I wanted to make an animation of them leaping? Um, well that is precisely why I popped into town the other day and...

Autumn Apple Cake-8406

Autumn Apple Cake

Autumn Apple Cake This lovely lightly spiced cake was made with abundant windfall apples in my good friends garden, from a tree that I’ve baked many a yummy apple cake and dessert over the years. It’s based on a Scandinavian recipe, heady with cardamom and...

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