Category: France

Cheat Almond Pastries

These simple pastries are shamelessly inspired by Jésuite Amandes, a triangular puff pastry filled with frangipane, that’s shaped like a Jesuit three-cornered hat. I devoured a number of them on a recent brief trip to France for a friend’s wedding. These Cheat Almond Pastries are not Jésuite Amandes. I’ve...

A Whistle-stop Tour of the French Riviera

This post follows on from the previous post about Grenoble. From Grenoble we hired a car and spent a weekend down in Provence. The purpose of the trip was to see an old friend who I hadn’t seen since 2000, when she moved back to her native...

I left a bit of my heart in Grenoble

Living our vagabond life takes us to some amazing places. I found myself housesitting in Grenoble, France, looking after a wonderful old cat named Wallace whilst his owners took a three week trip to Vietnam. What a marvellous treat to spend a few weeks immersed...

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