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Vegan Winter Spiced Rice Pudding

Lux Vegan Winter Spiced Rice Pudding

Lux Vegan Winter Spiced Rice Pudding.   When the winter nights draw in all I want is comforting delicious food: rice pudding is never far from my mind. And this recipe I have for you today is the most delicious rice pudding I’ve ever made,...

vegan swedish cinnamon rolls

Deliciously Vegan Swedish Cinnamon Rolls

Deliciously Vegan Swedish Cinnamon Rolls I’d had a wonderfully exhausting afternoon exploring a wintery Skansen in Stockholm, Sweden’s outdoor heritage museum, and I was in desperate need of a coffee break and somewhere warm to thaw out after my walk back to town. I found...

Plum and Almond Cobbler

Plum and Almond Cobbler

Plum and Almond Cobbler This luscious pudding is perfect for an Autumn night; a deep, dark filling of plums topped with scone-like cobbles made with ground almonds.  I’ve made this plum and almond cobbler vegan but you can make it with butter and cows milk...

vegan peanut butter choc chip cookies

Peanut Butter Choc Chip Cookies

Peanut Butter Choc Chip Cookies Peanut Butter freaks, you are going to love these. Yes, I know I say that about every peanut butter recipe, but these are super easy, you can whip them up in a moment and satisfy that PB craving. Perfect with...

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

Vegans, I have a treat for you today! Chocolate orange cupcakes that will seduce you with their moist cocoa sponge and luscious chocolate frosting. The subtle hint of orange comes through from a fine-cut marmalade used in both the batter and the icing. You would never...

Yangshuo Fried Potatoes-7205

Yangshuo Fried Potatoes

This quick lunch dish is my interpretation of some tasty street food we discovered in Yangshuo, southern China. At a tiny stall a hawker was selling cubed potato, fried with mustard seeds which he then tossed with coriander leaves, chilli oil and sesame seeds. It made a...

Vegan Sun-Dried Tomato Scones | Vagabond Baking

Vegan Sun-Dried Tomato Scones

I was so pleased with my cheese and onion scones I really wanted to make a vegan scone that would match it for flavour. I considered using vegan cheese but I don’t really have enough knowledge of them so I pondered alternatives. I came up...

Retro Rice Pudding | Vagabond Baking

Retro Rice Pudding

Can you be addicted to rice pudding? Well, I don’t think I’m far off! I’ve baked it three times over this past weekend, eaten it for dessert and then for breakfast the following day. Oh, and I’ve grazed on it cold, straight out of the...

Cambo Snowdrops | Vagabond Baking

Snowdrops and Soup in Fife

Spring decided it wasn’t quite ready this week and winter muscled itself back into our lives. We woke up to snow on Sunday morning and it’s been on and off ever since, and oh boy it’s cold. We decided to sit out this unfriendly weather...

chocolate Banana oaty bites

Chocolate Banana Oaty Bites

All this wandering around winter wonderland makes one peckish! I wanted to bake something that would nourish, satisfy and be, most importantly, portable and easy to eat with gloves on. I raided the cupboard and found oats, first thought was flapjack. A couple of bananas...

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