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Things to do in Turku in Winter

5 Things to do in Turku in Winter

5 Things to do in Turku in Winter. Turku is Finland’s oldest city and it was the capital until the 1800’s when the focus was transferred to Helsinki. Today Turku is a vibrant city beautifully situated either side of the Aura river on Finland’s south-east...

Turku, Finland

Turku: I Bloomin’ Well Loved It!

Turku “Don’t speak to strangers. Ever.”  That was the top tip given to me by my Finnish friend. “They will think you are either crazy or drunk”.  Unfortunately, I found myself confronted with the need to speak to a stranger within minutes of arriving into...

Rotterdam Markthal

24 hours in Rotterdam on a Monday

Rotterdam, the Netherlands I left Chris standing on a platform in Belgium waiting for a train to take him Brussels airport; from now on, I am solo travelling. We had both planned our last night together in Brussels but the Belgian rail workers had different...