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Voisilmäpulla (Butter Eye Buns)

Voisilmäpulla (Butter Eye Buns) Ever on a mission to replicate my heavenly coffee shop experiences from my visits to Finland, I made voisilmäpullat this month. I’d eaten a few of these buttery buns back in January, and doodled notes in my journal: they look like little butter...

Swedish Semlor

Semlor: Swedish Almond Cream Buns

Semlor: Swedish Almond Cream Buns These fresh cream buns have a hidden filling of almond paste and are delicately flavoured with cardamom while the fresh cream topping is luscious and inviting. You have to give these Semlor buns a go! Now usually when I share...

Raisin Bread Cake {rosenkuchen}

Raisin Bread Cake {Rosenkuchen}

In my attempts to clear through my baking ingredients, before the van goes into storage, I’ve revisited a favourite swiss recipe, rosenkuchen, this week. I discovered this yeasted cake while visiting Lauterbrunnen last winter. In the original recipe the sweet, heavenly soft bread was filled...

Lincolnshire Plum Bread | Vagabond Baking

Lincolnshire Plum Bread {my version of}

One of the pleasures of travel is discovering local foods that aren’t necessarily well-known outside of the area. More often than not, savoury dishes are meat based so I miss out on those, but many places have regional breads, cakes and baked goods too. When...

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