The Adventure Overland Show 2015

Adventure Overland Show 2015

Adventure Overland Show 2015

There were so many amazing trucks: trucks that looked virtually indestructible and ready to take on the world!

The sun was beating down temptingly, what a day to set off on an overland adventure across Europe, over to Morocco or head east to Central Asia.

Most of these trucks had been, they bore the experiences proudly in stickers and scuffs. Some were for sale, ready and impatiently waiting for some adventurous souls to take them off again.

This was the yearly Adventure Overland Show at Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse, a great venue for a weekend festival with spacious camping for those that were there for the duration.

We visited just for the day, driving over from my brother’s place half-an-hour away.

It would have been fun to stay, I would have loved to have heard some of the stories: everyone here had something inspiring to tell.

We wandered around the stalls selling everything from robust fuel tanks to strap onto Landrovers to cooking and eating utensils.

There was a beautifully crafted fold out kitchen and a number of clever wood burning stoves that were being demonstrated by turning out pizzas and the suchlike that smell amazing!

We didn’t come away empty-handed, Chris bought a hard-wearing coffee thermos and I treated myself to an oven!

An oven! It’s awesome! A Swedish Omnia stove-top oven, perfect for my tiny truck camper kitchen. I’d become aware of it a few weeks ago and found it for sale here, by SBS Adventure Campers who were also selling demountable campers to order. I didn’t take much persuading to part with my cash, despite the encouraging sales pitch.

I’ve no room for an oven in my truck so this is the perfect solution, apparently you can cook pretty much anything you can cook in a regular oven, so long as it fits in the doughnut shaped cooking pan.It’s light as a feather too and it came with a recipe book and an additional roasting rack.

I can’t wait to experiment!

We met some interesting people throughout the day including a couple who had an American demountable, many tips and experiences were shared.

Darren and Clare of Adventure Overland UK showed us around a demountable Bimobile, a camper Chris aspires to! This particular brand of demountable trucks is a lot more fancy than ours, and they don’t sit in the pickup bed, instead the bed is removed and a flat platform replaces it for the camper unit to attach too. They are more robust and more spacious inside.

Maybe one day, when we’re rich and famous!

It was really interesting comparing the different types of adventure camper. The huge overland trucks – while awesome – were a bit big for us, Britain just isn’t designed for mammoth vehicles like this!

The vehicle with the most presence at the show was understandably the Land Rover, many had roof tents and desert-style awnings.

There were a good number of 4×4 VW campers and even the odd Mini!
Of course, these kind of overland adventures don’t have to be made on 4+ wheels (some trucks had 6 wheels or more!), there were some awesome motorbikes for solo adventurers.

There was even a beautiful Aston Martin DB6 in the car park, oh my!

We had a wander around the camping field after off-loading my new oven in the Thundertruck, it was fun to nosy what other people were driving: I felt a little envious we weren’t staying over.

The Race Coarse betting hall had been converted into an auditorium for speakers, many sharing their adventures. Unfortunately we spent too much time chatting to people around the show that we never got chance to sit down and listen to any.

If we get chance to come back next year I think we shall camp and have a more relaxed weekend there, by which time hopefully we shall have a few great overland adventures under our wing.

If you are interested and/or passionate about overland adventure travel I can wholly recommend the Adventure Overland Show, it’s pretty inexpensive (unless you end up buying an adventure camper or become totally inspired to set off on a grand overland journey!) and the Race Course venue is perfect, with what looked like great facilities.

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Adventure Overland Show 2015


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14 Responses

  1. When it comes to awnings, what is desert style? Is that just what the colorings are, or is it actually a function change? Ether way, the land rover that carried it sounds like it would have been awesome to see! Next time they have the show I am going to have to go.

  2. Charissa Porter says:

    I can’t believe my husband and child are famous climbing into Chris’s truck!!! absolutely amazing machine!

  3. I’m totally saving this as somewhere to go next year Rachel, Mr A would love it! So excited you bought an oven – looking forward to seeing some of the feasts you cook up on it!

  4. Iv’e just been reading Tortugas (good name given it means tortoise!) site, impressive. Would love to buy a camper and tour around Europe and old blighty.

  5. Jodie Bray says:

    Aha! Well this explains the ginormous trucks we saw on the M40 yesterday!! I think we may have even spotted that big green one! The Bimobil looks awesome too! Can’t wait to see what you make in your new oven !!

    • Rachel Davis says:

      Hahaha, I’m sure they all headed south after it, what a convoy that would have been!
      I’ve literally just used my stovetop oven for the first time, warming cinnamon rolls in it. They warmed through beautifully, even went a bit crispy around the edges!
      Thanks so much Jodie for popping by and commenting!

  6. Jayne says:

    How Awesome, Vaughan and I would be loving that show!! maybe one year we can be there for it and see what is for sale 😉 We have an outdoor camping/caravan show next weekend which we are looking forward to, get some ideas for a mobile house to take us around OZ 🙂