Sunday Musings: My Most Favourite Country Of All!

“So, what’s your favourite country?”

It’s a common question to anyone who travels or has travelled a lot.

My usual reply is some mumble about how much I like Malaysia, how Western Australia blew my mind.

And then there’s Mongolia: “You have to go there, it’s incredible: the open grasslands of the Gobi Desert, the nomadic people. If you haven’t slept in a ger then you haven’t lived!” (Urgh, am I really one of those boasting traveller types?)

I realised the other day that I never come right out with it and tell the truth. For some reason my absolute favourite country doesn’t get a mention.

Maybe I’ve only recently become aware of what I’ve known in my heart for a long time.

Or maybe it doesn’t sound as exotic and adventurous as places in the Far East or the other side of the globe. (Clearly I am one of those boasting traveller types: I’m so sorry!)

Sunday Musings :My Favourite Country

So, I shall answer once and for all.

This is the country I love the most:

My most favourite country of all is stunningly beautiful.

It has a strong cultural identity and friendly people.

It has spectacular mountains, deep forests and many exquisite lakes.

There are golden beaches, pretty coastal towns and islands galore.

The cities are fabulous, old and historic; castles command many a hill or lake.

Its roads are quiet, long and winding; great bridges and ferries lessen the miles.

The winters are white, the autumns: red. The summers are unpredictable but sunny days are unforgettably glorious.

The sunsets are nearly always jaw-dropping.

My favourite country is


I’ve lived in Scotland since 2002, and while I’ve spent over two years of that out of the country, travelling abroad, Scotland never fails to win me back over whenever I’ve returned.

I have been to some incredible places in the world, and some – as I’ve said here and in previous posts (hello Helsinki!) – have tugged achingly at my heartstrings. Yet, Scotland is a hard country to match, it is so incredible: I’ve lived here, I’ve travelled around it – a lot. I know it well.

I know that I miss it too, it is where I think of as ‘home’.

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Scotland- The reasons why it is my favourite country

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What’s your favourite country?

16 Responses

  1. Jayne says:

    I forgot to add… Vaughan’s favourite is Iceland so we will be returning there once we get back on the road

  2. Jayne says:

    Scotland is fabulous and I look forward to exploring it more as its been years since I have been there! My favourite would have to be New Zealand which is quite similar to Scotland in many ways! I’m still wondering why we haven’t moved there as we both love it.. it might happen yet!

  3. Craig says:

    I think many people forget just how beautiful the British Isles are. I lived in South West Scotland for 3 years and the countryside was breathtaking.

  4. Meghan says:

    Gorgeous photos. I can completely understand why Scotland has your heart.

  5. Gorgeous pictures Rachel, I can see why you love it so much!

  6. Scotland is on my travel wish list for 2016 (I’ve never been), and these photos only make me all the more excited to visit.

  7. Dave Rowley says:

    Very interesting! I was reading this post breathlessly, wondering which country you would say was your fave. I was half-expecting you to say Finland, but somehow I was pretty sure you’d say Scotland! I really loved it to and I can completely understand why it’s your favorite…

    • Rachel Davis says:

      Hee hee! I didn’t mention Finland as I thought people would expect that! That photo of the Highland Games was taken when we all went to Perth that time you and Keli came over! Happy memories!