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Banana spelt blackberry pancakes

Banana and Blackberry Spelt Pancakes

Banana and Blackberry Spelt Pancakes Ever since I’ve moved into the Thundertruck I’ve found myself inadvertently working on the evolution of the banana pancake! It began with the simple banana scotch pancakes, a recipe I honed in Shetland. My greedy need for a delicious breakfast...

Cranberry Bannocks-3839

Cranberry Bannocks

Cranberry Bannocks The sourness of the jewel-like cranberries works so well with the buttermilk dough of traditional Scottish bannocks, I just can’t stop eating them! Bannocks are essentially girdle scones, a type of soda bread cooked on the stove top. They are most commonly served...

Cheese Pan Scones-0279

Savoury Cheese Pan Scones

Savoury Cheese Pan Scones No need for an oven for these scones, they can be made in a frying pan or on a flat griddle! They are deliciously, moreishly, savoury with a hint of cayenne pepper: a cheesy snack that is perfect simply served with...

Banana Scotch Pancakes-9068

Banana Scotch Pancakes

Banana Scotch Pancakes. These banana scotch pancakes are fun to make and are ideal for a delicious, nourishing camping/campervanning breakfast. I make this recipe a lot, I’m rather obsessed with pancake breakfasts and I’ve gone from having them once a week to a few times...

Wild Garlic Flatbreads

Wild Garlic Flaky Flatbreads

Wild Garlic Flaky Flatbreads. These delicious flatbreads will go with so many types of meals, they’re perfect with soups, broths, stews, curries, for dipping in hummus, wrapped round fillings for lunch… And they are so simple! There’s no yeast, no resting, simply make the three...

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