Pretty Zhujiajiao, a day trip out from Shanghai

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  1. As always, amazing photos.
    As I recall, you are vegetarian? How did you feel about the lizards? Did they say what lizard is used for? My Chinese girlfriend tells me of her experience in China that practically everything helps with virility. Same with the lizards I suspect?

    • Thank you! Yes I am a veggie! I hate seeing amazing creatures like that but I never asked what they were for, all bound up with rubber bands, I didn’t want to know, poor little things! My enjoyment of China required me to ‘switch off’ my sensitive, animal-loving side to some degree 😉

  2. davegct says:

    I love this posting! Especially your photos, they really capture the feeling of the old town and canals. Got to remember this place for our visit to Shanghai! (Hopefully summer 2017 ?) How big was the old town/canal area? Were you able to see most/all of it in your visit? Were the tourists Chinese or foreigners? So fun that you got this recommendation from someone you met during your travels – love the serendipity. But especially love your chat with the Chinese lover of Dr Who on the bus, especially that he sang the theme song for you! Priceless…

    • I just had to include our Dr Who-loving friend! He really topped off the wonderful day! We saw most of the old town, it was so pretty and not particularly large. There were a lot of Chinese tourists but they mainly stuck to the main alleys, clogging them up somewhat but they thinned out as we wandered. There were a few non-Chinese tourists as well. Very few of the Chinese tourists went in the ‘museum’ sights like the KeZhi Garden and the Post Office, they seemed happy shopping and walking the foodie streets.
      Hey, you’re heading back to China in a few years? How exciting! That’s fabulous news!

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