Laid back on Lamma

8 Responses

  1. A fascinating post. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Emma xx

  2. Dave Rowley says:

    What a change to go straight from Shanghai to Lamma! Sounds like you kicked off the next phase of your journey leaving the big cities of China for the smaller places to the south. I love your descriptions of hiking through jungle foliage, makes me want to go there! And I love the Kathmandu B, I guess they forgot about the other B…

    • haha, yes. Only one B for them!

      It was a blissful change to go somewhere so peaceful. We ended up going straight there as we had booked our AirBnB apartment in Hong Kong but then couldn’t get booked on the train for that date so took a train a few days early and headed straight to Lamma!

  3. mmmarzipan says:

    How lovely it looks! You’re having quite the adventure! :) x

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