6 Ways I’ve Made My Truck Camper More Homely

In the nine months of living in our Demountable Truck Camper I’ve made a few changes to the interior to make it feel more homely, and to give it a much more personal individual look about it.

My old Ford Campervan was a homebuilt affair and that made it very homely, with real wood paneling and furniture.

When I ‘moved into’ this demountable truck camper the interior of it felt a little on the twee-side, a little too motorhome-y for me, if you know what I mean.

It was great to have all the creature comforts of a more modern, purpose-built RV – central heating, a fitted fridge, hot water, dedicated bathroom – but I wanted something with a bit more of a ‘me’ look about it.

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Here’s what I’ve done so far:


6 Ways I’ve Made My Truck Camper More Homely

1. Bedding and Curtains.

I found a beautiful dark blue fabric on Ikea’s website and decided to make curtains for the truck camper from it, to replace the plain navy ones that came with it.

The fabric has botanical illustrations on it in white print and I think the design is perfect for a wildlife lover’s home, it’s also not too girly – with its beetles and bees – making it good for my fella too.

I bought extra fabric and whipped up some bunting to make the bed area even more homely and giving it a little bit of a girly look for my side of the bed – it looks cute don’t you think!

The fabric has definitely given the interior of the camper a much more ‘me’ feel, Ikea had matching cushion covers to tie everything in, and I found a blue and white striped bedding set to match.

2. Colour Scheme.

With the bedding and curtains fixing the navy and white colour scheme I’ve continued it with other things in the camper, like plates, cups and towels.

Handily, the enamel tin cups and plates I so love, come in the traditional white-with-blue-trim design, perfect!

Keeping everything in the colour scheme stops the compact space feeling cluttered.

3. Souvenir details.

As weight is such an issue (with the max payload of the pick up truck) everything in the camper must be useful and used, nothing can be a dead weight.

This means no nicknacks, those treasured items that can make a home feel yours and personalised.

I do have two things however, and they’re super lightweight.

The first is a foiled heart ‘Christmas’ decoration that I bought in Switzerland a few years ago, it hangs above my kitchen and I love it. 

The other is a paper origami ‘ger’ (yurt) I bought in a fair-trade shop in Ulaanbaatar. It hangs above my bed reminding me of the amazing trip we had in Mongolia, of great friends, open plains and desert nomads.

4. I’ve turned my big cupboard into a wardrobe.

The tall cupboard in the camper was originally a wardrobe but the previous owners had converted it to shelving. I’ve converted it back again as I really missed having hanging space.
I hated hanging my lovely things in the toilet! Plus it is so much more homely to have a wardrobe!

I’ve also used Command Clear Decorating sticker hooks to attach an Ikea plastic Bygel cup to store toothbrushes etc on the inside of the wardrobe door and also a cheap plastic bathroom container from Home Bargains (that I removed the suckers from) for other personal items like moisturisers etc.

There’s a magnet (off an old fridge magnet) for my hair pins and some clips (attached using the spare stickers from other Command hooks which I’ve used around the camper – they usually come with spares).

5. A homely Camper Kitchen.

Another Ikea plastic cup/ sticker hook combo above the sink is perfect for a pot of fresh herbs, this really adds liveability to the kitchen and a splash of life and colour! I tend to rotate from coriander to basil and occasionally parsley. The coriander tends to flop over the tap after a few days though!

I added a cheap kitchen roll holder to the inside of the cupboard door under the sink for easy access kitchen paper – an essential item for van living!

The bottom drawer of the kitchen is my spice drawer. By transferring the contents of my glass spice jars into tins (which I bought on Ebay) has saved me over a kilogram in weight!

Homely Camper

6. Bluetooth Radio.

We switched the camper radio to one with bluetooth so we can play music through it via our laptop or phones.

I love listening to the radio but sometimes I just want to listen to my favourite music or stream internet radio channels through it. I love it! (It was a £20 bargain from Aldi!)

There’s no photo but I’m sure you know what a typical car stereo looks like!


I’m sure I’ll be making a few more tweaks but I’m happy that my wheeled home feels so much more homely now.

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homely truck camper

*NB* If you buy products via the affiliate links I will get a teeny bit of a commission which helps to keep this blog and my nomadic life going! Thank you!

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Have I inspired any changes to your home or your van? Do you have any interior ideas for me? 

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11 Responses

  1. Barbara says:

    ‘Homely’ means ugly or unattractive. ‘Homey’ means cozy, warm, inviting.

  2. Tonny Tran says:

    <3 I wish I would live here for 3 months of my summer vacation. How much does it cost u to decorate this truck camper, Davis?

    • Rachel Davis says:

      Hehe! it’s a perfect home! I didn’t spend that much, maybe £50 for all the fabric to make the curtains and to buy the cushions. Just all from Ikea.

  3. These truck campers are so lovely, and your additions make this one even cuter. I think it’s fun that you turned your big cupboard into a wardrobe. It’s a nice dedicated place for your clothes. I would love to get a truck and get something like this for a road trip or something.

  4. I love it! Must be really fab to cosy up inside when you’ve finished exploring for the day. Tricky finding everything in lightweight mode though…

    • Rachel Davis says:

      Thanks Suzanne! It really is cosy when the day is over. I’ve switched a few thinks for lighter versions and I often transfer stuff out of glass jars into plastic containers: every little helps as they say!

  5. Dave Rowley says:

    Really fun getting this inside view to your campervan life, especially since we got to see the Thundertruck in person!

  6. I love your colour theming and the IKEA fabrics look fabulous! Really original and pretty… 😉