Sunday Musings: 6 Free Christmas E-Cards!

6 free xmas e-cards

Having spent a few Christmases away from home I know that it’s difficult to send greeting cards.

So this year I’ve made six little e-cards for you to download and send/post wherever and to whoever you like!

No catch: they’re totally free!

The cards are sized for Facebook but you could email or message them too. 

They are perfect if you are spending Christmas far from home or missing a loved one.

Maybe you want to send a holiday message to someone who is travelling.

Or possibly you’ve left it to late to post a real one or you don’t wish to use paper resources!


To get the e-cards simply click on the download link below each of the individual cards and it will whizz into your downloads folder as if by magic!


6 Free Christmas E-Cards!

Holiday Wishes From a Far Away Land!

[wpdm_package id=’13594′]

Let it snow, let it snow,

[wpdm_package id=’13596′]

Festive Wishes and Reindeer Kisses

[wpdm_package id=’13592′]

Wishing you a beary happy Christmas!

[wpdm_package id=’13588′]

Wish I Could Kiss You Under The Mistletoe This Year!

[wpdm_package id=’13586′]

Baby It's Not Cold Outside!

[wpdm_package id=’13584′]

*nb. These e-cards are designed for digital use so they aren’t suitable for printing.

I hope everyone you send these e-cards to loves them. Feel free to share this post with anyone who might need it.

Share the holiday cheer!

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6 Free Christmas E-Cards for Travellers

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Who are you going to send these e-cards to?