I’m Moving to Sweden! (Just for the winter)

I'm moving to Sweden


When I fell in love with Lapland over the summer, little did I know that I would be moving there the coming winter!

A whole winter under the Northern Lights; a whole winter of frozen beauty and polar night.

I’m ridiculously excited: it’s like a dream come true!

So, I expect you are wondering how this all came about. Did the universe read my mind?

Just when the depressing realities of the Brexit vote were clouding our thoughts, a rare opportunity cropped up: an opportunity that sees us driving to Sweden in a few weeks to start work in Swedish Lapland.

Chris has landed a dream job working as a photography guide for Lights Over Lapland. He will be taking people out into the arctic night to photograph the aurora!

How amazing is that?

He responded to an advertisement we spotted on Facebook, and after a couple of interviews over Skype, got the job.

We’re Moving to Sweden! (for the winter)

We’ll be based in Abisko, a tiny village just outside Abisko National Park deep inside the Arctic Circle in the very north of Sweden.

We’re going to drive the truck camper out there in November and we’ll be living in it over the winter: December through to the end of March.

I’m excited to experience the darkness, the blue twilight of polar midwinter.

And, of course, I can’t wait to see the northern lights!


I’ve only seen the aurora a handful of times: twice in the UK where one was barely visible to the naked eye and the other was only visible through my camera, and once in full vivid glory from an aeroplane on a night flight over Greenland.

It’s going to be something else to see it from just outside the camper!

Brace yourselves for millions of aurora pictures! (follow me on Instagram!)

Moving to SwedenBeing stationary for four whole months is going to be a little strange; I’ve been offered a little part-time job doing admin which should keep me busy, along with blogging, keeping up with my Finnish studies, and playing outside doing all the fun things you can do in the arctic winter.

It’s going to be cold – well below freezing – so it’s jolly lucky we bought a camper that was designed and built in Swedish Lapland!

I don’t know exactly how comfortable we shall be, it shall be a good test of the claims that the camper can be warm in temperatures down to -22ºc.

The central heating system is excellent and has kept us cosy on many a cold night and we shall be ‘plugged in’ to mains electricity.

We’ve spent a small fortune on winter clothing, investing in some quality gear to keep ourselves warm out in the arctic elements. I’m glad I experienced sub -25ºc freezing temperatures in Finland in January, so at least I have some idea of what to expect, and what clothing I’m going to need.

We are booked on a ferry to the Netherlands on Halloween, then driving to Sweden via Germany reversing the same route we returned to England on in August. It’s so frustrating that we can’t take a ferry to Norway, it would remove so many miles off the journey. 

This autumn has been a whirlwind of crazy: getting stuff organised; getting the truck’s engine fixed and getting it MOT’d and ready for the long drive; packing things away that we won’t be needing (like our camping chairs and summer clothes); getting the camper prepared for the long winter; shopping for winter gear; and seeing family and friends before we head off again.

Phew, I can’t wait to hit the road!

If you have any tips for surviving the polar winter, I’d love to hear them.

Pin it for later:I'm moving to Sweden just for the winter, in Abisko. Four months under the polar night and magnificent northern lights!
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Have you been to Abisko or experienced winter in Lapland?

31 Responses

  1. Fenne says:

    We moved to Sweden too this winter but are planning to stay 🙂
    Must say, I’m very much enjoying the cold, the snow and the beauty of the nordics.
    Glad to find your blog.

  2. Megan says:

    How freaking cool is this?!?! I look forward to following your adventures there 😛 I still have yet to go to Lapland in any of the Nordic countries 🙁 Maybe I’ll randomly end up there this winter too 🙂

    • Rachel Davis says:

      Hey Megan! It’s super cool, and super cold! If you do end up in Swedish Lapland it would be great to meet you! I can wholly recommend Finnish Lapland too, although I’ve not experienced it in winter, yet!

  3. Ameeta says:

    Wow, sounds so exciting! Good luck for all the adventures and the happy times ahead 🙂

    Ameeta xx


  4. Steven says:

    Sweden must be so cold during winter hhh as i live in Tropical area.. you are lucky can watch the Aurora directly and its so close to your place, cant wait to read your next post

  5. Miriam says:

    Oh my gosh! What a perfect job for Chris and I’m so looking forward to having my instagram feed filled with your shots and can’t wait to read all about your adventures in the blog. The only advice I have is bring books and check out Library apps before you go so that you can have free magazines and library e-books whilst you are away.
    You will be an expert on cold weather clothing when you come back, can’t wait to hear how the winter wardrobe works out for you both.

    • Rachel Davis says:

      Hi Miriam!
      It’s amazing, isn’t it! I’ll be taking a few books, and loading the Kindle. Plus, I’ve always to Finnish to learn, that’s certainly going to fill a few dark midwinter hours.
      I’ve got so much winter gear now, possibly overkill, yet I’m convinced it’s not enough! I’ll let you know once winter sets in.

  6. It’s getting closer… I can’t wait! I really really really need to visit you in Abisko, it can’t be only words, right? 🙂 I’ll be super curious to see how you’ll live in your van over there, it must get way colder than -22 degrees, you know! 😛

    • Rachel Davis says:

      It sure is Saana! We sail in a few weeks! I’m curious of how it’s going to be too! I been seeing posts on Facebook by the guys that are already there and, oh my lord, it looks like it’s going to be amazing!

  7. Lucy says:

    So exciting! Can’t wait to see all your Northern Lights photos, it’s going to be stunning.

  8. I’m so happy for you and your boyfriend. How exciting! You must be so proud!
    I think you’re pretty much sorted.

    Just make sure that you have enough layers, a really good scarf, a hat that covers your ears, waterproof socks, and insulating gloves!

    • Rachel Davis says:

      Hey Victoria!
      Thank you so much! I’m feeling absolutely thrilled! After last winter in Finland, I have a pretty good idea of what I’m going to need. I’ve got some amazing insulated mittens and some insulated boots as it was my hands and feet that suffered the worst.

  9. hawthorn says:

    That is ridiculously fantastically amazing – and apart from the cold (I definitely don’t do cold!) I am incredibly jealous! Will certainly live variously (and relatively warmly here in the uk) through your photos 🙂 Enjoy

  10. Meghan says:

    That is so amazing!! I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to see all your aurora photos and hear about your experiences in the far north!!

  11. Elaine says:

    Wow, so excited for you. I knew you were going to be in Sweden for the winter, but not why, what an incredible opportunity. I cant wait for your aurora pics. It is a long held ambition of ours to see them, I hope we will do it one day. In the meantime I will make the most of the vicarious pleasure through your posts!

  12. That is amazing!! I’ve wanted to visit Abisko for ages now. You know, taking the bus to Narvik and then the train to Abisko. Can’t wait to read all your posts! 🙂

  13. I’m so excited about this, partly because it’s so near my hometown Gällivare 😉 I’d love to do something similar, go to an exotic and calm place for a short while. Will be fun to follow the adventure!

    • Rachel Davis says:

      Hej Jenn! If you head up to Gällivare over the winter be sure to pop up to see us, that would be awesome! I’ll be in Helsinki for NBE hopefully so I’ll see you then anyway 🙂

  14. Sara says:

    This is so exciting!! I’ve lived in the north my whole life but never seen the aurora – you’re so lucky!! How are you gonna cope with so little sun though??

    • Rachel Davis says:

      Thanks Sara! You’ve never seen them? Clear nights and dark skies, and a camera to ‘see’ into the darkness, and you should be able to see them when there is activity, try following AurorawatchUK on Facebook for alerts!
      I’m going to take a trip to Helsinki in January, so that will give me a little sunshine. I’m excited to experience the darkness, it’ll be interesting to see how my body copes with it!

  15. Suz says:

    This is going to be an amazing adventure. Can’t wait to see your pictures. Very jealous, one day when the kids are gone I will be up there for a winter!

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