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Things to do in Turku in Winter

5 Things to do in Turku in Winter

5 Things to do in Turku in Winter. Turku is Finland’s oldest city and it was the capital until the 1800’s when the focus was transferred to Helsinki. Today Turku is a vibrant city beautifully situated either side of the Aura river on Finland’s south-east...

Abisko Nov

Abisko In November: Snow and Aurora in Swedish Lapland.

  Abisko in November: Snow and Aurora in Swedish Lapland. Abisko National Park sits 200 kilometres inside the Arctic Circle in Sweden, on the edge of Lake Torneträsk, surrounded by mountains. It’s a beautiful place in a spectacular location, and I’m living here! Well, living...

Take a Gorgeous Helsinki bay walk around Eläintarhanlahti and Töölönlahti

A Gorgeous Helsinki Bay Walk

Helsinki Bay Walk Helsinki’s coastal location is glorious, yet it is also abundant in parks and green spaces: nature and peace is easy to find. Right at the heart of the city, just a short walk from the central railway station, are two beautiful bodies...

50 Ways Finland Made Me Smile This Winter copy

50 Ways Finland Made Me Smile This Winter

Through the window of the plane I could see the illuminated sign above the terminal: Helsinki Airport. My heart swelled, I’d returned to the city that had stolen my heart a year previous. I had a block of free time at the beginning of the...

Suomenlinna in Snow

Here’s Why You Must Visit Suomenlinna in Snow!

Suomenlinna in Snow. The little ferry made its way along the narrow blue ribbon of sea cut through the ice, the broken chunks of which knocked against the hull turning this simple commute from Helsinki to Suomenlinna feel more like an adventure than a short...

Lux Helsinki

Colourful and Cool! Lux Helsinki 2016

Lux Helsinki 2016 Light Art Festival. When I discovered that the Lux Helsinki 2016 Light Art Festival was going to coincide with my booked visit to Finland it made me beam with excitement! Helsinki is a great city, and a little creative lighting gave it...

Frozen Helsinki

Beautiful Frozen Helsinki

Frozen Helsinki I returned to the city I’d ached for after leaving a year ago. A city and country that had stayed in my thoughts for much of the last 12 months. When I’d been in Helsinki in December 2014 I’d been too early to...

Mürren, Switzerland // The most magical winter wonderland!

Why Mürren Is A Fairytale Winter Wonderland

Mürren, Switzerland   My boots crunched through the compacted snow, I breathed in the crisp alpine air and took in the spectacular vista surrounding me. A footpath had been cut into the deep snow, a white corridor high up above the Lauterbrunnen valley. The majestic peaks...

Snowy serenity down by Imperia

Konstanz: 32 Pictures that will make you book a trip here!

Konstanz, Germany Locations don’t often get more beautiful and photogenic than Konstanz’s jaw-dropping position on the edge of Lake Constance. This dazzling lake is enclosed by the distant white peaks of the Austrian Alps, forming a spectacular backdrop for this old German town. With Switzerland...

Just look how pretty Old Porvoo is!

Day Trip to Porvoo (Borgå)

Porvoo Porvoo is only an hour away from Helsinki, yet it feels like a million miles. This pretty town is the second oldest in Finland (just a little younger than Turku) and its Old Town is gorgeously photogenic and packed with cute cafes and quirky...

Turku, Finland

Turku: I Bloomin’ Well Loved It!

Turku “Don’t speak to strangers. Ever.”  That was the top tip given to me by my Finnish friend. “They will think you are either crazy or drunk”.  Unfortunately, I found myself confronted with the need to speak to a stranger within minutes of arriving into...

Copenhagen on a budget

Copenhagen on a Budget

8 Things to Do in Copenhagen on a Budget My heart leapt as I walked through Copenhagen from the railway station to my booked accommodation, this is one beautiful city with a wonderful vibe. It was a saturday afternoon and Strøget, the main shopping street, was packed...

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