There are no road signs in the Gobi Desert. Part 2: A break down.

Rachel Davis

Nomadic blogger, cake baker, house sitter, photographer, vegetarian. If I'm not in a van I'm probably on a train!

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  1. Nick & Dariece - Goats On The Road says:

    Wow! Seeing the snow and all of the fur on the camels must have been great. I love the Gobi Desert, we’ll have to go back :)

  2. Wow! Seeing the snow and the camels with all of the fur must have been awesome. The Gobi Desert is so stunning. We’ll have to go back :)


  3. Dave Rowley says:

    I was wondering what might happen in the middle of nowhere if the van broke down, now I know! So did Bata have cell phone service to call the tow truck? How long did you wait for it to arrive? Sounds like Bata is extremely resourceful and able to handle anything that might come up! I love your pics of the Flaming Cliffs and of the inside ceiling of the ger with rope hanging down. And very interesting to ride on those camels, they are much smaller and shaggier than the ones we saw in Morocco!

    • Yes, Bata had an old-school mobile phone, a dinky little thing that he often used while driving, either to chat or text (not alarming at all!). Plus we all had phones, Chris had a Mongolian sim card too mind you we had no way of charging them until we broke down and got to stay in the village, electricity!
      We waited about an hour after he called, it wasn’t too much of a problem, we were used to the laid back time of the desert. We had each other, and books, took photographs….
      He is incredibly resourceful, thats why they use these old vans, they can be fixed easily without the need to plug them into a computer. Bit like the old VW buses. He carried so many spare parts and tools under the seats. You have to be, the environment is so harsh.
      The horses are so much smaller too, everything gets shaggy in the winter! You must go travelling in Mongolia guys, you have to repeat this adventure of ours!

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