Exploring Beijing, having fun in the parks

2 Responses

  1. Dave Rowley says:

    I love your comment “growing old in China looks so much fun!” We found the same thing there at the parks of Beijing. Our favorite was seeing the retired Beijingers singing their hearts out in the parks, one of our favorite travel moments ever! I love your photo of the Bollywood dancing, especially the fake mustaches and the head bobbles. That must have been hilarious!! Growing old in China seems very different than in the West where our old folks get shut away in homes. But I’ve never understood WHY it’s different. Why do you think older folks are so much more active in China?

    • I thought it every time we saw the fun and dancing, why are our old folk stuck indoors, under blankets watching daytime tv? These guys just wrap up for the weather, and boy does it get cold, and spend their days outside, socialising and playing! They’ve probably had hard lives, they deserve this gaiety. They never heat their homes, everyone wears coats indoors so maybe that is one of the reasons, they have no apparent self-consciousness either, they dance with gay abandon, wonderful. The tai-chi and the dancing keeps them fit and active.

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