The Last Days of Summer, in Pembrokeshire

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Sunny Pembrokeshire

I slipped my shoes off and padded across the sand, wispy clouds drifted across the perfect blue sky and the gentle waves beckoned me in.

The water lapped over my bare feet: it was warm.

This perfect late-summer day seemed like it was on borrowed time, I was acutely aware that this was the last day of summer – maybe because I knew the forecast for the coming days.

A blissful feeling washed over me, I don’t remember being in the ocean since Malaysia last year.

I’ve gazed out over it many days this year, from the truck: over the wild seas of Shetland, from the ferry over to Belfast, from the west coast of Ireland, but it has just not been the summer for paddling.

These are the waves of my childhood, of summer holidays to Pembrokeshire. It is always a joy to be a back in Wales.

We had spent a couple of nights in Carmarthenshire, south Wales, getting air suspension fitted to the Thundertruck – for a much more comfortable ride. 

It was great to get the camper checked over by Nolan, he trades Demountable Campers so knows rather a lot about them.

I swapped cake stories with his lovely wife Vanessa and, after nosing around a couple of other campers he had for sale I left desperate to convert my cupboard to a wardrobe, something I’d begun considering after seeing Jodie and Rodney’s wardrobe in their golden Hymer van.
Broad Haven, PembrokeshireVagabond Baker on the BeachThe coast lured us so we drove to Pembrokeshire, to meet some friends who live near Haverfordwest.

For lunch we stopped at Broad Haven, a fabulous beach in St Bride’s Bay. Now the schools have gone back the beach was quiet, just a few people with dogs, playing in the surf.

Two horse riders pounded across the sand, a fleeting vision of sheer joy, turning the heads of the sedate walkers enjoying the sunshine.

This is one of my absolute favourite times of the year: the glorious last days of summer mixed with out-of-season peacefulness. A secret world only seen by the lucky few.

Lastdaysofsummerwaves2Then the rain came down. It poured, none stop. Even Pembrokeshire failed to shake it off.

Confined to the camper I set to work reorganising everything. With some clever moves I managed to clear three shelves in my cupboard to create a hanging space!

When you are working with such compact spaces, it can be a challenge getting a ‘home’ for everything, I’m getting pretty good at this now.

The rain lasted for around twenty-four hours, the following morning it had cleared and we tagged along with Dave –who had kindly let us park up outside his house (and had fixed a minor prang to the camper) – when he took the dogs out for a walk along the coast.

Turns out I’m not quite as fit as I though I was, haha!

It was a great walk though, even under a slate-grey sky the beauty of this corner of Wales was not lost on me.

Dramatic geology, vibrant yellow gorse and lush grass. Ravens croaked as they soared above us, we walked from Nolton Haven along a stretch of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path to the old brick chimney of Trefrane Colliery.

I have one last photo to share, this was the sunset this evening.

The sky was on fire and the sun sank below St David’s with awe-inspiring drama.

A fine farewell from Wales for now.

Pembrokeshire Last Days of Summer

Head to Pembrokeshire when the schools go back: it is even more of a gem when the hoards of summer visitors disappear!

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Pembrokeshire Last Days of Summer-5814-2

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5 Responses

  1. Rochelle says:

    It’s awesome. I’d love to go…as in right now! 🙂
    Good vibes, Fox
    check out my latest Vlog

  2. Dave Rowley says:

    Keli would have loved galloping horses on the water’s edge – one of her favorite things to do! And I would have loved that sunset, wow. Glad to hear Thundertruck has new suspension now, happy wandering

  3. Aw, what a perfect few days Rachel! You’ve just made me all nostalgic for my childhood holidays in Wales. Can’t believe you managed to make room for hanging stuff in the Thundertruck – can we see pictures please?

    • Rachel Davis says:

      Thanks Emily! Yes, it brings lovely memories of my childhood holibobs in Wales too. I shall post an ‘all the stuff we’ve changed in the truck’ story at some point when it’s all done. I bought hangers today, so will hang it all up tomorrow. Ah the geeky things that make me a happy camper!