Shanghai Museum

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  1. Dave Rowley says:

    Looks like a beautiful building, very modern, and I was surprised to hear it’s from 1990s. And glad you found an indoor place to get away from the smog. Normally we might think of “rainy-day” activities, but you had to find a smoggy-day activity! My favorite pics are the bronzes, especially the ones with cows with huge horns. Amazing what people were able to produce, so long ago! And also very nice that museum admission was free!

    • I loved all the cow pieces too, I must have, I had the most photos of them than the other pieces! They were so detailed and fun, and so well exhibited.
      All you needed was your passport to enter the museum, that’s my kind of rainy-day/smog-avoidance activity!

  2. Jorie says:

    All the artifacts are so pretty! I love that the building is shaped like cookware!

  3. Looks great! I once saw a travelling exhibition of Chinese artifacts here in Gent – quite similar to the things in the museum you visited in Shangai. It amazed me to see how impressive their culture already was while we here were still living in caves…

    • Wow, you saw them at home, saves some travel money but then inspires you to go to the country of origin eh!
      Yes, I marvelled at some of the pieces, I had similar feelings viewing stuff in Egypt. Incredible detail and technology, way ahead of time!

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