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Castlerigg Stone circle // Keswick

Castlerigg Stone Circle and a Weekend to Myself

Castlerigg Stone Circle This ring of stones has stood in their spectacular location for the past 5000 years. A monument remaining from the Neolithic people that inhabited our islands: one of around a thousand that are scattered throughout Britain and Ireland.  Castlerigg is particularly special, not...

Shipston Beer Festival 2015

48 Hours and 3 Foodie Festivals in Warwickshire!

Shipston Beer Festival, Stratford Food Festival and Shipston Food Festival. Oh my, I’ve eaten and drunk my way through this last weekend! South Warwickshire welcomed us with plentiful food and fine ale to wash it all down. Shipston Beer Festival It all began on Friday...

Pembrokeshire Last Days of Summer

The Last Days of Summer, in Pembrokeshire

Sunny Pembrokeshire I slipped my shoes off and padded across the sand, wispy clouds drifted across the perfect blue sky and the gentle waves beckoned me in. The water lapped over my bare feet: it was warm. This perfect late-summer day seemed like it was...

Banana spelt blackberry pancakes

Banana and Blackberry Spelt Pancakes

Banana and Blackberry Spelt Pancakes Ever since I’ve moved into the Thundertruck I’ve found myself inadvertently working on the evolution of the banana pancake! It began with the simple banana scotch pancakes, a recipe I honed in Shetland. My greedy need for a delicious breakfast...


Seaweed and Scenery in County Sligo, Ireland

Did you ever go rockpooling as a kid? Peering into sea-filled pools in rocks near the beach, lifting stones to see the wonders hiding there: crabs, sea anemones, small fish and, if you were especially lucky, starfish? I had the absolute pleasure of doing this last...

I made a wedding cake-3

I made a wedding cake

This was my first, and probably last, foray into the world of wedding cakes. It was a sharp learning curve to say the least, it threw up a few challenges and was a lot more time-consuming and stressful than I ever imagined! I had to speed...

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award I’m thrilled to have been nominated by two (well, three actually) fellow female travel bloggers Dorothée Lefering of The Touristin and Erica and Tara from The Trippin Twins for this Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award. It’s fantastic to be...

Why I love Birmingham

Let Me Show You Why I Love Birmingham!

Birmingham. I grew up near Birmingham, it is a beautiful city! I know, it doesn’t have the glamorous reputation of some other British cities but it filled my heart in my teens. When I return, as I often do – my brother still lives in...

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