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Glittering Shanghai

Glittering Shanghai Shanghai, just the name conjurors up an exotic, exciting city of vice, business, trade and history. Of glamorous Chinese women in vintage posters, of narrow alleys of opium dens and shops, of colonial powers and glittering skylines. The Shanghai of today is a...


The Army of Terracotta Warriors

As far as pre-death preparations go, the Army of Terracotta Warriors take burial planning to the extreme. Soon after Qin Shi Huang became Emperor in the 3rd century BC he ordered the vast tomb to be built. He spent the afterlife buried with a mighty clay...

Glutinous Rice Cake

Food and culture in the Muslim Quarter, Xi’an

The ancient walled city of Xi’an is a feast for the eyes, the senses and the taste buds. Brimming with history and culture it requires a few days to take in all it has to offer. Xi’an was certainly my favourite city in China, I...

Great Wall at Jinshanling

The Great Wall is a mighty Dragon

The Great Wall snakes over the mountain ridges of northern China like the backbone of a mighty dragon. A crumbling monument of stone from the distant past that enthrall visitors today yet was built to keep out marauding invaders from the west. The only marauding...

Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Exploring Beijing, having fun in the parks

One of the simplest and most enjoyable pleasures in Beijing is to spend time in many of its wonderful parks. These parks range from an attractive place to sit or stroll to the grand parklands of the Summer Palace or the Temple of Heaven. In...

Beijing, Summer Palace

Exploring Beijing, from a palace to the streets

Our favourite site in Beijing was definitely the Summer Palace, we spent a sunny day exploring this fabulous royal park and found it far more absorbing than the Forbidden City. Maybe it was the glittering lake or the leafy parkland, whatever it was we thoroughly...

Wonderful statues

Beijing under clear blue skies. The Forbidden City and Hutongs.

Tiananmen Square marks the symbolic end to the Trans-Mongolian rail journey, stepping into this historic square romantically represents the end of the line, one iconic square to another, Red Square in Moscow to Tiananmen Square in Beijing 7826 kilometres away. It was the conclusion to...

No road signs in the Gobi Desert. Part 1

There are no road signs in the Gobi Desert. Part 1

There are few blacktop roads in Mongolia once you leave the smog blanketed chaos of Ulaanbaatar, out in the desert it takes knowledge and experience to navigate the wide open plains. The sun and the stars become your road signs, mountains and rock formations guide...

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